Internship Requirements

Students complete 480 total hours of paid* on-the-job training in order to satisfy the program’s internship component. Students are evaluated based on their responsibility, reliability, attitude, time management skills, quality and consistency of work produced, communication skills, image, application of skills and knowledge, initiative, and other competencies that are necessary for success in the industry.

Internship Hours Guidelines

40 Hours-Front of the House (service, host/hostess, bar)

20 Hours-Baking (Breads, Breakfast Items, Cookies)

20 Hours-Pastry (Cakes, Pastries, Sauces and Plate Decorating)

30 Hours-Food Handling, Receiving, Purchasing, Inventory

30 Hours-Soups, Stock and Sauces

30 Hours-Butchering

20 Hours-Dishwashing/Stewarding

60 Hours-Garde Manger/Cold Food Production

120 Hours-Hot Line (Grill, Sauté, Fry, Food Production, etc)

90 Hours-Management/Leadership (expediter, FOH and BOH supervision, trainer)

20 Miscellaneous or banquet/catering


480 Total Hours

 *There is no formal job placement given to students in order to complete program-required internship hours. Students develop resumes and learn interviewing skills and techniques as part of the curriculum and are expected to find employment (or volunteer opportunities) in order to fulfill the internship component. Internship hours may be started at any time after a student is formally enrolled in the Culinary Institute.